• 110 players
  • 17 countries
  • The 18 years old National Player Asen Mihaylov became the first Bulgarian to enter the Men’s World Amateur Golf Ranking, after winning the 12th Bulgarian Amateur Open Championship. Asen managed to cope with the strong competition in the Men’s Championship division and to win with 220 strokes, one less than the leader from the first round Thomas Burley from Scotland (221). On third place ranked another national player – the 16 years old Ryan Staykov who finished with 225 shots.
    In the Ladies Championship Julia Unterweger kept the lead in all 3 days with her stable game and took the Silver Trophy. In the Net Ranking two other national players – Rivekka Dzhumagulova won in the Ladies Championship with 224 shots and Dimitar Savov – in the Men’s with 218 shots.
    In the Senior Championship after a very interesting and tense round Les Perchevsky (231) managed to win on the last hole with one shot going ahead of the leader of the second round Alan Rogut (232) and the leader from the first round Andy Wright (233) finished third.
    Bulgarian Krasen Atanasov showed a stable game in the Gold Plate Championship and kept his score for all 3 rounds – 38-38-38 points and took the Gold Plate trophy with the total of 114 points.
    Second finished Simeon Denkov with 110 points followed by Hamish Grey with 107 points.
    The Silver Plate Championship was even more exciting – the leader from the first 2 rounds Dimitar Zhelev (110) lost with 4 points from Petko Tonchev (114) who was second in the second round. On third place finished Todor Kostov with 109 points.
    In the Ladies Plate Tzvetelina Popov showed a great game and kept the lead in all 3 days to win the trophy with the great 90 points.
    In the Junior Plate we witnessed another beautiful performance of a Bulgarian player – Denis Staykov kept the lead and didn’t give any chances to his teammates to reach him. He got the trophy with the great score of 99 points followed by Itai Cohen from Israel with 91 points and Alexander Abrashev with 88 points.